Welcome to Studio Tessera!

After completing our studies in art restoration and mosaic, and working on several small or large scale projects for a couple of years, we decided to start working together, because we believe that collaboration is very important in our profession.
We specialized in restoration of various cultural heritage objects, such as mosaics, wall paintings, easel paintings, wooden sculpure and glass paintings.
Our professional skills are based on 5-year study programmes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and Italian Scuola dei mosaicisti del Friuli, postgraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and participation in international restoration conferences.
In our work we follow all the rules of restoration and respect the value of art object.
With each art object we restore, we provide written documentation that includes iconografical data and art-historical analysis, material identification, object's tecnological structure, description of its condition and causes of deterioration, work plan, list of used materials, results and photo documentation.
Apart from the scientific, there is also an artistic part. We make wall and floor mosaics, mosaics of stone, glass or ceramics, easel paintings, wall paintings, glass paintings, portraits, drawings and sculpture. We also advise on interior decoration and paint and decorate private and working areas.
Contact us if you have any questions or doubts about your art object.
In our gallery you can see some examples of restoration work we did, art works we made and interiors we decorated.
We hope that you'll be satisfied with our work.